Saturday, June 1, 2013

Special Day Activities

Scavenger hunt to find ingredients for recipes. Your team is in charge of preparing the ingredients you find in the hunt.

On Fridays, since we make treats we will go to the greenbelt and eat the treats there. Then we will play at the greenbelt.

Lucian makes a quesadilla

This is a video where Kid Chef Austin teaches you how to make a quesadilla.

What we will make the first week of camp

  • Monday: We will work together to make a pizza 
  • Tuesday: Tacos and tamales 
  • Wednesday: Chicken and rice dish 
  • Thursday: Macaroni and cheese and sandwiches 
  • Friday: Special cupcakes and decorating 
On Wednesday, everyone can come early for a pancake breakfast at camp. We will write special cook books to bring. We will also play outside while waiting for some kinds of food to be almost ready. In the afternoon we will have a snack-making activity. This will include rice-crisp treats, fruit popsicles, popcorn balls.

Welcome to Kid Chef

A summer camp that teaches kids to cook different kinds of food. For lunch time it is called Bonus time. They will make a lunch that they pick what they want and then they add stuff to it. Example: if they made a pizza without anything on it, they could decide what toppings they want.